The Challenge

“Even if we build 9 times as many streets 9 times as fast, the traffic jams and the congestion of road networks can merely be held at the same level.”

Umwelt-und Prognose Institut e.V. (UPI)

The Solution



The benefits of Drone, Car, and Aircraft combined

Fusion-Drone is a groundbreaking innovation in the field of Blended-Wing-Body-Design, as well as Ring-Wing-Design. It’s worldwide unique one-piece-configuration pairs maximum compactness with supreme flight characteristics, like the sheer impossible maneuvers that up to now were only possible with jet aircrafts.  Fusion-Drone combines the benefits of all known transportation devices. Choose between Fusion 600 – for maximum range and fuel efficiency, or Fusion Turbo – for vertical takeoff and landing as well as subsonic speed.

  Fusion 600

  • 2 passengers
  • 1000 km range
  • 460 km/h speed
  • Landing on sport-airfields
  • On-street driving

Fusion turbo

  • 1 passenger
  • 300 km range
  • 800 km/h SUBSONIC speed
  • Vertical takeoff and landing
  • Autonomous