my Dad’s dream…

hi, I am Maggie. My dad had this dream for over 40 years. We grew up with it. It was everpresent. His vision. His passion. The dream to make the world a better place. To connect people from all over the world. Directly. Door-to-door. Superfast.

He never gave up on his dream. Though the route was tough to say it midly. “Too futuristic”. “People will never trust an autonomous aircraft”. And most offten: “this thing will never fly”.

But my dad never gave up. He boldly obeyed the calling of his dream, no matter the nay-sayers. No matter the 40 years of objection.

If you yourself have a calling in your hart – obey it! It is there for a reason. You can`t be selfisch and keep it to yourself. The world needs it!

Expect resistance to hit you hard, once you start going after your dreams! Outer resistence: the nay-sayers. Inner resistence: “I don`t have time”, “It won`t work”, “I am not good enough”.

Expect it. Await it. And when it comes you are prepared. YOU. OBEY. YOUR DREAM! period. Resistence does not get a vote!

I remember my then 7-year-old  little sister drawing on my dad`s model with her crayons to “make it pretty”. She was following her calling, and my dad let her 🙂

Now – some 25 years later – this is my little sister, having a child on her own. (she`s now trying hard to guide my nephews calling to paint, away from her couch and onto paper 😉 )


When I learned one thing from my dad, it is to never give up. Because the truth of the matter is you will be rejected. Often. You will be ridiculed. You will have to face opposition and setbacks. Sometimes for as long as 40-freaking-years until the world is finaly ready, for what you have to offer! But if you never give up you CANNOT loose. Which in turn means you MUST WIN! And when you win it was all worth it. And the victory is so much sweeter!


….oh yes! This baby flyes like an eagle! 😀 …look at me now, nay-sayers, look at me now! 😉