2 Types:


Fusion Turbo

Suburban – City CommutE 

Travel from your suburban home directly to the city office and park right in front of the bureau.  With Vertical Takeoff and Landing, Fusion Turbo is ideal for urban commute. Due to its one-piece-configuration, it has the tiny wingspan width of 2.5 m, which enables landing anywhere you want.  You can land it on any regular parking space that would normally be used for cars. Worldwide, it is the only aircraft that does not require special verti-ports or expensive infrastructure of landing pads for landing.  You can literally park it ANYWHERE!

Official Services

Or do you prefer to take a TAXI? Fusion Turbo will pick you up directly wherever you are and bring you right to your desired destination – autonomously! Due to its subsonic speed, it can compress a 1-hour drive down to 4 minutes, which can come in handy when you are in a hurry! Its incredible speed and ability to land anywhere also makes it a perfect vehicle for ambulances, police and fire departments.

Fusion 600


With its remarkable range of 1000 km, Fusion 600 is ideal for long distance trips. Plan a nice weekend getaway with your significant other. Fusion 600 is perfect for two people. How about getting fresh croissants for breakfast? Not from your local bakery, but directly from Paris, of course! Fusion 600 is suitable for on-street driving, so you can easily drive to the nearest sport-airfield and takeoff for Paris!

City Car Drive

You can drive Fusion 600 directly on the road like a regular car.  Its compact wingspan width makes it the sole aircraft that can be driven on the road without having to fold the wings using complicated mechanisms. And while you are driving, if you decide to take a spontaneous trip, you can find the closest sport-airfield and directly takeoff from there! Fusion 600 is extremely fuel efficient at high speeds. It uses only about 50% fuel compared to similar aircrafts. Enjoy its enormous range. You will love it!